Information elements

Information elements, the name socionics has for functions, are divided into macro- and microelements.


Cognitive functions

All Jungian typology is based on four different functions, and two different attitudes (extra- and introversion). In his work, he talked about eight different types, one for each function + attitude. Both Myers-Briggs and socionics on the other hand has sixteen different types, all based around those four functions. However, in the works that followed,... Continue Reading →

Socionics functions, or the functional stack

As I've said before, socionics uses a stack of all eight functions, four valued and four devalued, with their strengths being defined by their "dimension". But beyond this, there are specific characteristics for each place in the stack, which has a strong impact on the type. The functions are also divided in different blocks, which... Continue Reading →

Introduction to socionics

Socionics uses a stack of all the functions, opposed to the four function stack that is often seen in MBTI. This is called model A, and builds up the basics of the theory. This stack can be split up in several ways. First, there is four functions that we “value”, and four that we don’t.... Continue Reading →

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