Quadra wars – a star wars story

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, two quadras were locked in an eternal battle...


Delta quadra

The fourth quadra, delta, consists of ESTJ/LSE, ISTJ/SLI, INFP/EII and ENFP/IEE, or the types that values Te/Fi and Ne/Si. This is the oldest quadra, with a personal and charitable approach to the world. They are curious and interested in the unusual, cherishing the small wonders, while still being serious about their relationships. The first dichotomy... Continue Reading →

Gamma quadra

The third quadra, gamma, consists of ENTJ/LIE, INTJ/ILI, ESFP/SEE and ISFP/ESI, or the types that values Te/Fi and Se/Ni. This is the quadra of adulthood, long term thinking and focused on business, serious is personal and professional life. Focused on efficiency and individualism, they appreciate close, loyal relationships and ambitious people. There are, just as... Continue Reading →

Beta quadra

The second quadra, beta, consists of ENFJ/EIE, INFJ/IEI, ESTP/SLE and ISTP/LSI, or the types that values Fe/Ti and Se/Ni. Beta is described as a youthful, teenage quadra, with a revolutionary and ideological attitude. They are not afraid to fight for what they believe in, which often results in a societal change. They are merry, decisive... Continue Reading →

Alpha quadra

The first quadra, alpha, consists of ESFJ/ESE, ISFJ/SEI, INTP/LII and ENTP/ILE, or the types that values Fe/Ti and Ne/Si. This is described as the youngest quadra, mentally compared to children. This does not mean that alpha types are mentally incapable, quite the opposite. What it tries to get at, is a light and curious quadra,... Continue Reading →


An important aspect of socionics, to understand both the types, the ITR (intertype relationship) and the context of society. There are also three different quadra specific dichotomies. Judicious - decisive, merry - serious and aristocratic - democratic. The first quadra, alpha, consists of the types that values Si, Fe, Ne and Ti. This is the... Continue Reading →

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